Telecom Industry

Telecom Industry

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM was being used for sales and services, but they were finding that it was not flexible enough to fit their specific business needs and that it was hard to maintain. Microsoft CRM was making it difficult to run all the reports they needed, and they were unable to integrate with other applications without an expert programmer.


Plantek began the implementation process with a series of discovery calls with clients to understand their business needs and what they required from Salesforce. We then set up and customized Salesforce integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX for the billing portion. In order to export client’s data from their Microsoft CRM database, we worked with a Microsoft CRM consultant. We helped the Microsoft CRM consultant understand client’s data and we figured out how to export it out of Microsoft CRM. After spending hours helping the consultant, we were able to export client’s data and import it into Salesforce.

Solution Impact

Client's data from Microsoft CRM was successfully imported into their Salesforce database

Client was able to use Dynamics AX because of real time integration with Salesforce

Salesforce provides better reporting capabilities, allowing client to run reports on all of their data

Users are trained on Salesforce best practices and are able to maximize their Salesforce usage

Client has improved security measures and can easily manage their security settings

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