Our Focus Areas




Operationally, the Plantek team brings a process and data oriented approach to recruitment. We utilized the COVID-19 pandemic to assimilate, understand, and build the data on our client and sector needs. The team is also strongly technologically inclined and is currently developing a data science based automation product for internal consumption that maps the right candidate fit for client needs.

Target sectors for Growth





Health care


As we grow in our journey to serve our existing market and grow with new clients, our team's expertise gives us the edge to quickly understand new customers and sector requirements. If you are not from one of the above sectors, we would still be happy to get an opportunity to prove ourselves with the currently unserved market. We would do our research to be prepared for your needs, with the ask that we get guidance to confirm our assumptions and fill any gaps in understanding the sector. This is so because even the best of external research will still take one close to the understanding, but your confirmation and information will complete it, to serve you better.

Our approach


Company Culture


Soft Skill

We approach the client’s recruitment/staffing needs through three key points -(a) high level understanding of company culture, (b) team construct and specific team need, (c) key job requirement. Points (a) and (b) are where we bring our experience and expertise in.

We also understand that taking the final call on candidates is best judged by the client and their team. Though, having spent years on the other end of the table, we accurately understand the importance of not being overwhelmed with unfit resumes which have loose to medium match to job requirements. Though, that’s not where the story ends with us. We understand the importance of business and soft skills, and how these skill requirements vary for different kind of team structure. While providing candidate recommendation, our process does take in consideration to map these nuances with candidate’s skills.

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