Our Focus Areas

Technology consulting


Data Science






Health care


Currently, we service specific sectors and functions of Energy, IT and Data Science; with next target sectors being Construction, Education and Healthcare. These sectors and functions are the ones in which Plantek's leadership has a combined decades of experience of executing business and technical project. We build upon this experience to understand the unique nuances of our clients' environment to successfully deliver on consulting projects and provide them with the aligned talent.

Symbiotic growth

Our consulting business is built upon sector, technical and functional experience that we have gathered over years. The same experience feeds to our understanding of required talent for staffing and recruiting to the clients we cater to. The continued consulting projects helps us remain up to date with the industry functions and the latest and greatest happenings effecting the sector.

We view “understanding the sector and the client “as our core strength and differentiator and the basis of our existence. This is our underlying philosophy, and we are equally fueled with the idea of growth and diversifying ourselves to other industries and functions.

fuelling Growth

To ensure the balance between our philosophy and our need to grow, we are working on this new service offering – Consulting Entrepreneurial Assist Partnership (CEAP). When developed, this offering is for individuals who plan to take a leap into being (or are currently working as) independent consultants for their clients while keeping their focus on technical and functional solutions, without hassling themselves about administrative and staffing duties.

CEAP ensures that your focus remains strictly parked where it has to be when you are taking the big leap of shifting from being an employee to being your own entity. Your consulting projects would require resources and thereby comes our services to make the same easily accessible to you. Not to mention, you don’t need to worry about running payrolls or managing your own website for your future potential customers. Reach out to us through “Contact Us” section if this idea finds you intrigued and worth exploring.

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