Salesforce Implementation and Integration


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  • To build the full end-to-end customer (digital campus) experience to drive automation of processes and manage integrations to various business systems.
  • To cater to the changing business requirements, the organization wanted to implement, integrate and migrate to a new cloud based platform.
  • Overcome the challenges of data redundancy and inconsistency because of multiple applications.

Considering the business requirements, Plantek recommended the implementation of Salesforce Sales, Service, and community cloud along with integration with other interfacing applications (SIS-Student Information System, LMS-Learning management system, ODS-Operation Data Store, Marketing, Data warehouse), data migration, end user training and post production support.

  • Lead Management Module: Standard Solution (Lead Capturing and Assignment, Lead Qualification and Conversion, automation of notification process), Custom Solution (custom object to be created for capturing unverified leads), custom business logic for (capturing leads from external sources, screening leads to prevent duplication, converting verified unverified leads to Leads).
  • Account Management Module: Standard Solution (standard Account Management module including Activity Management, custom account view to be enabled), Custom Solution (custom development for defining business logic for Real-time search for custom accounts in SAP, managing flow of data between SFDC and SAP, sync up customer account between SAP and SFDC, managing daily batch updates for account master from ODS system).
  • Contacts Management Module: Standard Solution (standard Contact Management module including Activity Management), Custom Solution (custom development for managing flow of data between SFDC and LMS
    (based on Oracle) after prospect account conversion – contacts associated with LMS to reside in SFDC).
  • Opportunity Management Module: Standard Solution (Standard Opportunity Management module including Opportunity Assessment, Sales Process and Record Types, Sales Teams, Activity Management, Workflows and Alerts), Custom Solution (Creation of custom page to add products to opportunity, custom development to define business logic for Enable manual product pricing, Integration with LMS(based on Oracle) for product and list prices for Product pricing,
    • Communities/Reports/Dashboards – Apart from this applicant, student, alumni, and faculty portal was built using communities, Reports and Dashboards as well as Security and sharing model was implemented.
    • Integration – was integrated using TIBCO/Mulesoft/Informatica/RabbitMQ with various applications (SIS, LMS, ODS, BI) and various third-party applications by leveraging customized Web Service API and AppExchange applications.
    • Data Migration – Creation of data migration plan, data migration process design, architecture (including data quality strategy), Map data points from source system to system at object level, Design and creation of data migration templates and schema through field level mapping, Multiple test loads across functionalities until errors and omissions are addressed, Verification and validation of migrated data, and Migrate data into the live
Solution Impact

Single application to Standardize sales processes

Comprehensive, consistent sales information provides management real time visibility into key sales metrics

Comprehensive, consistent sales information provides management real time visibility into key sales metrics

Seamless integration of application with customers applications

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